January 4 - Werlwind's K2 litter turn 4 years old
Happy Birthday to Goldie, Koa, Yogi, Kosta, August, Potter, Max, Wyatt, Kooper

January 5 - Werlwind's Q litter turn 7 years old
Happy Birthday to Ketcher, Katie, Chester, Enzo, Botti, Klaus

January 10 - Werlwind's I litter turns 9 years old
Happy Birthday to Gypsee, Maddee, Gracee, Annee, Brenna

January 11 - Werlwind's R litter turns 6 years old
Happy Birthday to Rigby, Sebastian, Sully, Violet, Roxy (1), Roxy (2), Flower, Roslyn, Ginger
2014 - Portland Show Results
Werlwind Family
2014 - Puyallup Show Results
Werlwind Family
2013 - Portland Show Results
Werlwind Family


Werlwind's One For The Road "Dexter"

2013 dexter 8
2013 dexter 1
2013 dexter 3

We Did It - First in Bred By Exhibitor

2013 dexter 4

Anne and Dexter in Winners

2013 dexter 7
2013 dexter winners line up
Thank you Byron and Yoshi for entering Dexter in the show!  I had not seen Dexter since he went to live with the Petersons in Utah.  What a thrill to not only show him but have a blast doing so and we won the Bred By Exhibitor Class and Anne (who owns Abbott, Dexter's sire) stepped in to help out and showed Dexter in Winners (I was showing Kodak too in Winners).  Anne and Dexter won and Dexter earned Winners Dog.  I took Dexter back in for Best of Breed and we won Best Opposite Sex and Best of Winners for a 5 point major win!  Dexter Rocked It!
2013 dexter 6
2013 dexter
Werlwind's One for the Road
Dexter has both major wins and 13 points total and only 15 months old

Werlwind's Funkadelic

Rufus 2
2013 rufus 1
2013 rufus 3
Dsc 0860 2328765353 o
Dsc 0864 2328766028 o
Rufus with his handler won the open class and went on to win Winners Dog on Sunday!  I was honored to be able to take him in the ring for Best of Breed and Rufus was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his 2nd major win!  Rufus also has both majors and 13 points.  Thanks JD and Sara for supporting Rufus! 

Kodak Moments

2012 kodak 4
2013 kodak 3
Kodak won his class easily both days.  We enjoyed the show and came early on Sunday and hung out watching other breeds show before "Showtime" for us.  Kodak is now just 13 months and such a wonderful puppy and my baby.  Enjoy our Kodak moments
2013 kodak 2
2013 kodak 1
Dsc 0540 2328729978 o
Dsc 0547 2328733576 o
Dsc 0552 2328735482 o
Dsc 0603 2328737783 o
Dsc 0690 2328747224 o
Dsc 0787 2328755517 o
Thank you Paulette for all the photos!
2013 - Puyallup Show Results
Werlwind Family
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