Werlwind's Autumn Princess



Werlwind’s Autumn Princess
American Novice Draft Dog, American Brace Novice Draft Dog
Canine Good Citizen

DOB: September 4, 2002

AKC – WR07137901
Hips – Good
Elbows – Normal
Heart – Normal
Von Willebrands – Clear Parents
Eyes – Clear

Carting Chlo

I am so Proud of You Chloe

You Can Do It Chloee

Werlwind’s Autumn Princess

9-4-2002 to 6-25-2010

Looking back well over 2 ½ years ago, I can remember like yesterday, thinking of the past and seeing Katee (Chloee’s, Sasee’s and Hannah’s mom and of course other pups) and thinking of Chloee and thinking that I needed to go see her, she was so like Katee in looks and many other mannerisms too. Not long after that, I got the email that Amy and Jeremy needed me to take Chloee. I am not going into the details of why as that is so unimportant because my thought was: Oh my gosh, to have a bit of Katee back……..and thus Chlo came to live with me. It took awhile for her to understand that being a pack dog meant it was not all about her. But she did and she did it so well. I remember watching her “cut loose” when we would go for walks in the fields and watch her play with the others and be the dog that was chased. I saw her smile and wag her tail and it made me smile, it made me happy to share her life too. She adjusted well and soon was a very active and busy part of the pack and our lives.

I decided to begin draft training several dogs and took a long look at Chloee. We had a few talks and Chlo and I decided she could be a draft dog and learn to pull a cart. I often wondered during out training if she could really pull it off and cart. She was never afraid of the cart or any part of training, but to know Chlo is to understand just how wonderfully blonde she could be.

Let me just share of few of our training sessions with you in a dialog that I hope will come through to all of you the memories I want to share:

M = Me or Mom
C = Chloee

M – Chlo, its your turn. Easy you need to sit and pay attention to what I am telling you

C – Okay, yes yes I am so ready what do I do shall sit here or over here may be you can see me better over here, where mom , where

M – Chlo you need to sit beside me and stay put

C – big sigh……….alright -- okay now WHAT

M – Chloee HEAL………..

And off we went, that smile on her face that tail wagging………..

She did well with her obedience portion as long as I stayed one step ahead and did not let her get ahead of herself, I can still see the wheels moving in her brain, I know she always said to herself “my pretty side is the other side of me and if I can just move over there everyone can see how pretty I am!”

She learned to cart at the college and always brought that blonde attitude which I so enjoyed working with. I can still hear myself say Chlo, easy, think about what you are doing………I could see Chlo say…OH Alright……..

Then came that first draft test….I did not know if we would pass or not and really did not even care. I so enjoyed Chloee’s outlook on everything and what fun it was going to be to just show that off to the world……………….

On our last practice session I told her how important it was to stay focused so she could earn her Swiss collar and her certificate and her medal! I believed she could pull it off, if she did not get “blonde” on a critical part of the test and you know what, she absolutely blew me away with her elegance and style and the grace in which she became WERLWIND’S BLACK BEAUTY. There were no blonde hairs on that dog that day and she smiled with that teasing twinkle in her eyes the whole time.

She also earned two brace draft dog titles with her sister, Sasee in September of last year and they were the oldest qualifying team one day. It is very ironic that her Brace Draft Dog medal came just a day or two before she left me.

Chloee Long Down

I miss her so much and it seemed just a bit of Katee left again too. Hannah and I layed with her here in our kitchen and I know she is at peace and she fought til the end. Thank you Amy and Jeremy for allowing me to have Chlo.   Once in awhile you are blessed with just that sparkle you need just at the time you need it.  Chlo-Bella, I miss you so much and I am so glad you blessed my life when you were born and you blessed me with the last years of your life.  We will meet again my loveable smily blonde berner.  In hindsight, we should have had pups with our Chlo, but busy lives got in the way.  We found several massess/tumors in Chlo's chest cavity a few months before she died.  Miss you more and more

Chloee and Sasee
Brace Carting Competition
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