Raynee Day on her 10th Birthday

Whidbey and Raynee enjoy their meatloaf cake with mashed potato frosting
Raynee with one of her birthday gifts!
Four out of this litter of 11 pups celebrated their 10th birthday!

Werlwind's Zusa Rayne



International Champion
Novice Draft Dog, Brace Novice Draft Dog
Draft Dog & Brace Draft Dog
Canine Good Citizen – Herding Instinct Certificate
DOB: January 26, 2002 - DOD: November 15, 2013
AKC – WR05877701 & CKC - 1077329
Hips – Good – OFA 11172G26F &  Elbows – Normal – OFA EL3781F26
Heart – Normal – OFA 318/12F &  Von Willebrands – Clear Parents
Eyes – Clear – CERF 2442 &  DNA Profile V224302


Raynee and Windee (her mom)

Raynee Day is the beginning of our second generation. She is the first puppy who has been with me everyday of her life. Raynee is smart and stubborn, loving and goofy. She is a large girl with substance, a solid top line and rich mahogany coloring. She has produced wonderful temperaments, movement and size in her pups. She is our Clown and when it is time for her to go to bed and I am on “her couch” or another dog is on “her bed” she will start a spin, jump and talking routine until the perpetrator “gets it” and moves. After all she needs her rest!

One funny Raynee story -- I had a little commuter car that had a hatch-back with the cover over the trunk area.  One day I was unloading groceries out of that trunk and I came out for another bag and the hatch was closed.  I unlocked it and opened up the hatch and out Sprang a Raynee Jack-In-The-Box!  She had jumped in and the door had closed.  I can still feel that shocked feeling as I opened the hatch and she unsprung herself.  If only we had a video of that moment.

Raynee's Carting Career

Raynee was true to her clown self on her first attempt at a carting title.  We entered the ring and all she saw were the stuffed toys around the ring which were used as theme decorations and of course distractions for the dogs.  She did fine on her obedience work on leash, but when the recall came, oh boy, what a treat.  She came flying at me at a dead run, dodged off to the side and ran out of the ring play bowing with all the dogs she could find that might "play" with her.  Needless to say, I had to hold onto her throughout the rest of the competition because she was "clowning around!"  She moved forward to earn many drafting titles.  Gotta love a clown!

Carting In The Rayne!

Werlwind's Zusa Rayne, NDD, BNDD, DD & BDD aka Raynee Day
January 26, 2002 - November 15, 2013
Dear Raynee Day,

     I so remember seeing you for the first time…you with two sisters and eight brothers.  You were my little Rosebud.  You became the first Werlwind dog to say with me after your first breath.  You, my love, are my oldest Bernese Mountain Dog (11 years & 10 months), you had more Werlwind pups than any other girl and you stole the hearts of so many. 

     It’s been a rough trying to adjust to no Rayne.  You have been such a big part of this family for so long and gee the rare few to have five generations of living dogs.  WoW Ray!  Do you remember all our adventures, all the paw smacks, all the looks…..hum, how about your cart training?  Me begging you to take just one step.  I smile now, thinking of how much work that was and then our first draft test……….do you remember the clown you became?  Bounding all over the ring when you were left for the recall and then finally coming at me so fast I was about to be flattened, and then you veered out of the ring to do play bows with everyone…..who would have thought you would finally earn all four levels of draft titles. 

     Raynee Day, how did it end this way, that darn ole old age.  Thank goodness for Susan coming every day to help you get up and get you outside and to just sit with you and she fondly calls you "Sweet Raynee".  These days since you passed, we have been trying to "be" without you and it is kind of sad, kind of hard and most of all it does not feel right.  But the memories and treasured moments keep coming to me and I am constantly lost in the thoughts of my Raynee Day.

     My clown -- or jack in the box?  That day as I unloaded groceries from our little red car whose hatch in the back would not stay open……….I came out of the house to find it shut, thank goodness I needed to get a few more groceries out and I opened it up to find you……….SPRING OUT OF THAT HATCH……….just like a Jack In The Box…………I think I screamed and laughed so hard at you, my clown.

     Heaven help anyone who petted you, because if they stopped you would bat them with your paw, hard…and give them that look.  Makes me laugh, my clown.  How about your demands for cookies……….found several under the couch this week when we put "your room" in order.  I think getting a wooden sign that says "Raynee's Room" to hang in the doorway is very appropriate.  I could go on and on…I know the memories of you my girl will continue to bring me smiles for the rest of my life.  It is peaceful knowing you are at peace and pain free.  Run Raynee, be a clown again and perhaps someone in heaven will label you with a warning "have paw and will bat you hard it you stop petting me!"

All my love and heart Raynee Day…………til we meet again -- Mom
To my Werlwind Family……….I restate this saying below and most certainly by now my heart is "all dog"

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them,
and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. 
If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog,
and I will become as generous and loving as they are.”

Raynee celebrating her 11th Birthday.  She loved the attention and getting all dolled up!

Raynee celebrating her 11th Birthday. She loved the attention and getting all dolled up!

Raynee and Daren

Best Friends

Best Friends

Raynee and Colleen

Favorite Friends

Favorite Friends

Int Ch Werlwind's Zusa Rayne

AKC WR0877701 CKC 1077329 HD: Good ED: Normal DOB: 1/26/02 - DOD: 11/15/13 AOD: 11 Years, 10 months

Am/Can Ch Sepp V. Ruschbode

SHSB 572062 AKC WP93873801 CKC 1078497 HD: Excellent ED Normal DOB: 11/3/98 DOD: 12/2010 AOD: 12 years old

Int Ch Dany V.D. Katzenstiegfluh

SHSB 517111 HD: A/A ED: 0/0 WH 68 DOB: 5/27/94 DOB: AOD: Almost 13 Years Old

Int Ch Wacho V. Tonisbach

SHSB 432442 HD: A/A ED: 0/0 DOB: 6/9/88 DOD: 1/00 AOD: 11.5 Years Old

Bianca V. Nydegghoger

Bianca Left SHSB 415681 DOB: 4/2/87 AOD: 12 Years old

Cindy V. Ruschbode

Cindy 2nd from Left SHSB 469574 HD: A/B ED: 0/0 DOB: 1991 DOD: Fall 1999 AOD: 8 Years Old

Heiko Zum Durstigen Bruder

SHSB 432639 HD: 0/0 ED: 0/0 DOB: 6/23/88 AOD: 10 Years Old

Arlette V. Ruschbode

SHSB: 441586 HD: 0/0 ED: 0/0 AOD: 5 Years Old Hit by a car

Can Ch Meadow Wood Xquisit Werlwind

AKC WP81951803 CKC 1071968 HD: Excellent ED: Normal DOB: 11/5/97 DOD: 7/29/2009 AOD: Almost 12 Years Old

Can Ch Sennengardens Chevalier

Swedish Import AKC WP581066601 HD: Good ED: Normal DOB: 4/28/94 DOD: 10/2/01 AOD: 7.5 Years Old

SUCH Dalaleds Bamse

Such Dalaleds Bamse SKK S36859/90 HD 0/0, ED 0/0 DOB: 4/5/90 DOD: 6/22/00 AOD: 10 Years

Sennengardens Usassa

SKK S64074/91 HD 0/0, ED 0/0 AOD: 10 Years

Can Ch Qmarusha Vom Vieraugler

LOSH 699075 AKC WP50054401 HD: Good ED: 1/0 DOB: 12/9/92 DOD: 6/24/04 AOD: 11.5 Years Old

Burre V D Speelhout

Burre V D Speelhout NHSB 1 630 321 HD A AOD: 9 Years

Int Ch Marusha Vom Vieraugler

LOSH 613445 HD A AOD: 12.5 Years

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