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As I sit here, today, right now, I am surrounded by Bernese Mountain Dogs ranging in age from 9 ½ years old to 8 weeks old and they all vary with their giggles, wiggles, and tail wags.

Over the years the goals have shifted somewhat. We continue to focus on health and longevity while trying to add in the type and beauty of the breed in hopes of discovering the key to it all.

Our current dreams and visions continue as we build a sound dog while reaching for that type and beauty that will be long-lived. I guess the reality of it all is that one day in the years to come, we will be able to look back and see our successes.

We welcome all those that are on this journey with us and share their lives and homes with our dogs!  We welcome all those that will join this journey in the days ahead!

Discussing Carting Competition with Ivar

Dsc 06382

O Litter Photo Day

Img 18152

Windee & I on P Litter Photo Day

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Img 23962

Cookies Anyone?

May I Please Have One More?

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Aspen's Pups Listen to the Musical Bear

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Puppy Kisses

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