Werlwind's Oh Oh Olivia

Dsc 0554


DOB: October 23, 2011
AKC – WS39073601
 DNA Profile V655098

Olivia 10 Months Old

Dsc 0175
Olivia is one of our baby girls. Liv is beautiful and is now learning how to be a show girl. She is a Cloudee daughter and we are hoping she will become the beginning of our 4th generation from our home. She has growing up to do! Liv enjoys teasing the cats and playing. She loves to wrestle with her ½ sister Kittee Kat and Kodak. You can always find the trio of youngsters somewhere all together. Livee is smart and like her great grandma Windee, as a very young pup, figured out how to open the back door. She often comes as goes as she wants to. Lil Stinker!
Dsc 0183
Dsc 0122

Practicing 1st Show

Dsc 0013
Dsc 0075
Dsc 0079

Young Liv

Dsc 0257
Dsc 0086
Dsc 0340
Werlwinds oh oh olivia

Liv & Kittee at Rayne's 10th Birthday Party

Dsc 0957

Werlwind's Oh Oh Olivia

Pedigree 139329

GCH/Can Ch Alpenspirit Who's On First

AKC#WS21655401 Hips Good Elbows Normal DOB 9/22/06 - Living

Pedigree 139330

Am/Can Ch Anastasia Summers In Dillon

AKC#WS08774201 Hips: good Elbows: normal DOB: 4/15/04-alive

Pedigree 139331

Am/Can Ch Peacefield Flashback V Dragon

WS00384301 Hips excellent; Elbows: normal DOB 11/3/01-07, bloat AOD: 6.5 Years Old

Pedigree 139333

Ch Adesa Smoke Signal Over Lil'Mtn

WR20451806 Hips Good; Elbows normal DOB 4/28/01-alive

Pedigree 139334

Ch Alpenspirit Dark Fantasy

MU832823 DOB 10/4/02-07, suspected cancer Hips fair; elbows unilateral gr. 1

Pedigree 139335

Am/Can Ch Mountain Spirit's Darth Vader

JL611572 Unilateral mild hip; Elbows normal DOB 6/28/99-07, neuter surgery AOD: 8 Years Old

Pedigree 139336

Can Ch MNT Spirit Justice Prevails

KJ667300 DOB 5/30/00-alive 2011 Hips Good; elbows bilateral grade 1

Pedigree 139293

Multi CH Zack Van’t Stokerybos

WR07407701 H-G/E-N 2000-2008 AOD: 8 Years Old

Pedigree 139294

Multi CH Ferris VD Holderstockhohe

SSV-BS#36012 8/2/98-2008 HD A; ED 0/0 AOD: 10 Years Old

Pedigree 139296

Wacho V Veit II

SSV-BS#31728 HD A/A; ED 0/0 5/3/96-10/3/02 6 Years Old

Pedigree 139297

Int CH Yella VD Holderstockhohe

SSV31470 HD B; ED 0/0 3/17/96-2001 AOD: 5 Years Old

Pedigree 139295

Lux CH Xiera Van'T Stokerybos

LOSH0822100 HD B; ED 0/0 1/1/98-2008 AOD: 10 Years Old

Pedigree 139298

Multi CH Qaey Van De Klaverhoeve

LOSH#690552 HD B; ED 0/0 6/4/92-8/11/00 AOD: 8 years old

Pedigree 139299

Rany Van't Stokerybos

LOSH#07022005 HD A; ED 0/0 12/6/93-?

Pedigree 138014

Int Ch Werlwind's Zusa Rayne

AKC WR0877701 CKC 1077329 HD: Good ED: Normal DOB: 1/26/02 - DOD: 11/15/13 AOD: 11 Years, 10 months

Pedigree 138000

Am/Can Ch Sepp V. Ruschbode

SHSB 572062 AKC WP93873801 CKC 1078497 HD: Excellent ED Normal DOB: 11/3/98 DOD: 12/2010 AOD: 12 years old

Pedigree 138002

Int Ch Dany V.D. Katzenstiegfluh

SHSB 517111 HD: A/A ED: 0/0 WH 68 DOB: 5/27/94 DOB: AOD: Almost 13 Years Old

Pedigree 138003

Cindy V. Ruschbode

Cindy 2nd from Left SHSB 469574 HD: A/B ED: 0/0 DOB: 1991 DOD: Fall 1999 AOD: 8 Years Old

Pedigree 138001

Can Ch Meadow Wood Xquisit Werlwind

AKC WP81951803 CKC 1071968 HD: Excellent ED: Normal DOB: 11/5/97 DOD: 7/29/2009 AOD: Almost 12 Years Old

Pedigree 138004

Can Ch Sennengardens Chevalier

Swedish Import AKC WP581066601 HD: Good ED: Normal DOB: 4/28/94 DOD: 10/2/01 AOD: 7.5 Years Old

Pedigree 138005

Can Ch Qmarusha Vom Vieraugler

LOSH 699075 AKC WP50054401 HD: Good ED: 1/0 DOB: 12/9/92 DOD: 6/24/04 AOD: 11.5 Years Old

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